What is Absurdism?

what is anything?

"time is a stamp we use to mark our endeavors through time."

absurdism is the art of rejecting the damned establishment. absurdist poetry is that, but with poems. absurdist poems are seemingly random, breaking as many rules of writing as possible, just to create convoluted messages which can only be thoroughly understood after a great deal of contemplation.

absurdism is a lot like a dead turkey.

absurdist poetry is the essence of what literature should be, not what it is. do not expect t.s. eliot. expect something new. 

Important Statistics

- 14%            - One Quarter           - 91%

- 1 in 5          - 17 Months              - 2 in 4

Unrelated Significant Dates

june 7th, 1887

may 26th, 1900

january 14th, 1913

the entire month of august, 1946

november 19th, 1987

october 1st, 2006

August, 2013
August, 2013